Happy New Year with Shimai !!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Filled with happiness and peace.
May your home be filled with joy and Happiness.

The picture is the first sunrise of the year.



111 days has past since “Shimai” came to my home.

It started to bloom from the beginning of the year.  Now 3 flowers are blooming and I can even observe future flower stems( flower stalks) in the center of the plant.

Many thanks to Don!!



“Shimai” 96 days condition

Today is Christmas, hope that all of you are having a great time!!

As I wrote on the previous article I have a special thing to report.

The picture was taken on Dec. 22th, at last “Shimai” has shown a bud coming up!!

It took me a long time to come here. Hope to see the beautiful green stripes soon.


Yukako – dark color version

Previously I posted Yukako that bloomed in a darker tone. The next bud on a different flower stem bloomed. Looks like to be the same dark color version. This phenom could be temporary. I will try to propagate from these flower stems and see how it’s gonna turn out.


I have a little baby from that I propagted on this July from the same plant via flower stem.  I don’t have the picture of the flower, but it was the normal version.  As you can see bellow there is lots of dark spots on the leaves.  Wonder what kind of flower to bloom in the future!


noribu-san don’t you think this looks similar to your Yukako?

Yukako – dark color version?

This plant was in bad condition during this summer.  The center leaves of the plant turned to dark green color and the back of the leaves turn red.  I have heard that lots of chimera revert to the basic type when you observe such phenomenon.


I even broke couple of the outer leaves during moving into my new apartment.

When I saw a stripe pattern on the bud I was so excited to know that the plant didn’t revert.  And it bloomed like bellow as a dark color version of “Yukako”.  Another flower stem is on the way to bloom.  I will check the color of the flower.


“Shimai” 59 days condition

59 days has passed since “Shimai” arrived to my house. These days “Shimai” has at last started to increase the numbers of leaves. There was a time when the outer leaves melted one by one. This was lots of pressure to me. But now you can even see the water dews on the leaves and also some roots are growing out under the pot!! Thanks again Don!! Hope to able to show buds at the next article.


A new start

I have finally moved into my new place.  Lots of things need to be organized and cleaned up, but feel very happy to able to make a new start here.  Was not watching my plants often and was happy to find flowers in bloom.


This flower is “Ma’s prince froggy” .  This summer this plant was in very bad condition and didn’t thought it would recover, so feel very graceful to see the flower.


Tough week!

Hi, sorry for no updates.  It has been very tough for the couple of weeks.  I will move out my apartment next Monday.  And there is so much to prepare by the date.  Fortunately I have my family support and they are helping more than I could ask. Hope to make a new start at my new place.

The bellow is “Ness’ Dream Maker” it has been blooming very long. The petals seem to have very light waves(fringes) on the edge. And this flower stem shows up to already have baby leaves by the leaflet.

IMG_6538dream IMG_6539dream

Wonderful surprises!!!

I also got some flower stems of chimera African violets. And full size plants also from my friend M.

Before I knew flower stem propagation for chimera African violets, I would never try to handle such small and fragile leaflets. But besides of getting suckers there is not so much choice for propagating chimera African violets.
Some that I already tried are successfully developing new small leaves, but some just don’t even seem to have any change from the beginning. What M gave to me was not just a flower stem. It was flower stems that were treated with growth hormone and has already developed small leaves on it!!

IMG_7471stem IMG_7455stem


Unfortunately the pictures are showing only the tip of the flower stems I got.  As soon as I got them I cut the flower stems to be prepared for propagation.

The bellow is an average flower stem, you only have one pair of small leaflets.  I usually start from this level.



One of the full size plant was “Emerald Pink”.  It’s such a beauty!!



I would like to post the other when it starts blooming.

Thanks again M!!